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Some important tips regarding wood floor cleaning

Wooden floor is one of the most beautiful and robust types of flooring options available in the market these days. The greatest advantage of wooden floor is that they are durable enough and hence lasts longer than any other flooring options available in today’s market. Hardwood floors especially develop a beautiful patina with age, but these types of floors require frequent repairs. You should know how to maintain your hardwood floors and care for them appropriately so that they look well and last long.

Here are some tips to help you keep your wooden floor beautiful:

* Vacuuming frequently is often the best way to keep your wooden floor spotless and sparkling. Avoid using the vacuums with beater bars or hard heads as they may damage the floor to a great extent.

* Sponge cleaning seems to work great on the wooden floor, though you probably cannot do it very often. At least once a month, get down on your hands and knees and use a damp sponge to scrub your wooden floor thoroughly. But the sponge should not be too wet as the moisture harms the wood of the floor.

* Use the best wood floor cleaning products suitable for your floor. It is best if you consult with a professional, particularly the floor installers to know which products are most suitable to maintain the life of a wooden floor. If that is not possible, you can visit the floor cleaning section of the major department stores to see which products are the most popular. Or else a quick search on the internet will also inform you about the different kinds of products that you can use. Avoid using detergents or abrasive cleaning agents as they damage the floor.

* Too vigorous cleaning may harm your hardwood floor. Hence you need to take certain preventive measures to maintain the beauty of your floor. Do not let water accumulate anywhere on the floor as this will damage it.

* You should install runners or rugs in the high traffic area of your hardwood floor. This is especially needed if you have a pet which is likely to scratch the floor.

* In order to protect your floor from grime, dirt and dust, you need to place mats on the strategic points so that they are not trailed in. These mats or rugs should be made of breathable material. On the other hand, mats of rubber, plastic or foam back trap grime under them. They also trap moisture and damage your floor.

* Replace the narrow rollers on the legs of the furniture with wide rubber rollers. Avoid dragging furniture across your wooden floor.

* If it is possible, ask people to take off their footwear while entering the area of the wooden floor. This will ensure that your floor remains clean and lasts longer.

With the few precautions outlined above, you can enjoy a beautiful and polished floor for the rest of your life.

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Some Popular Interior Design Services in Singapore

Interior has a major role in the commercial spaces. When someone visits a place, the appearance of that place is a major aspect, which attracts the visitors. This is why, for the business units, the interior design is the major aspect at the time of commencement as it influences indirectly on their businesses. On the other hand, some people also like to give the different looks to their homes. This is why, they also like to get their interiors designed with the help of expert designers. In Singapore, you can find a number of expert designers in the present scenario.

Some of the types of interior designs popular in the current scenario are:

Restaurant Interior Design: The restaurant interior design Singapore is hugely famous these days without any second thought. Restaurants are one of the places with rush in Singapore and other parts of the world. This is not just the food of the restaurants, which attract the individuals. On the other hand, their interior designs and their cleanliness also play a wonderful role in attracting the individuals. Therefore, the business of the restaurants is highly dependent upon the interiors. The designs of the restaurants’ are highly dependent upon the theme. Suppose you have traditional cuisines, the conventional style interiors will be perfect for you. Besides, if your restaurant serves the food of a particular nation then your interior design should comply with that. Suppose, you are running a Japanese restaurant, then the Japanese style interior will be perfect for you.

Shop Interior: The shops are the commercial places where the regular visit of customers can be witnessed in the current scenario. Here also, the good and showy interior plays a wonderful role. Your theme of shop is a deciding factor in selecting the interior.

Office Interior: You can get a perfect commercial interior design Singapore for your workplace in the nation. The offices are the places, where your business associates visit time to time. If the customers visit directly to the offices then the interior design becomes more essential. Here also, the good interior design will be proved to be perfect for your enterprise.

Household Interior: In the homes also, a number of individuals like to get the interiors designed in order to allure the guests. The interior designs give new looks to your houses.

Interior Renovation: When the interior of your home or commercial space becomes outdated, you may feel the need of change. In order to accomplish this purpose, the interior renovation services are also offered the interior designers. The interior renovations give look to your places according to the fashion of the date.

Interior Fittings: The interior fittings are also the services offered by interior designers and renovators. Doors, locksets, furniture settings, taps, switches and a lot of other things come under the interior fittings.

You can get these services with ease in the present scenario with the help of internet sites. The interior designers and renovators provide the info about their services in detail over their websites. Besides, they also facilitate you to order online for interior designs, renovations or fittings as per your requirements.

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Some Crucial Steps for Wood Floor Installation

Wood floors are very attractive and you will find them to give your home interiors an aesthetic look and appeal. They can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position and can be laid over plywood and even an existing wood floor surface.

If you are planning to carry out wood floor installation by yourself, you need to get some tools ready. These include hammer, hand saw, utility knife, chalk line, pry bar, hammer, pens and tape measure. Actually, you don’t need to own all of these tools as you can simply rent them out.

The entire process of installing wood floors must be done methodically. The floors can be installed over concrete slabs, plywood , or even existing wood floors. Here is a look at the steps involved in wood floor installation:

* It is necessary to get all tools necessary for installation purposes. Things such as screws, saw, nails, and pry bar and so on have to be got together before the installation process begins.

* Draw a reference line at the beginning point of installation and at the end point of installation. A half inch gap between boards is essential for the wood to expand.

* Choose only the straightest of wood boards for installation. The first wooden board can be laid out on key areas such as the door area and so on. It is necessary to align the first row of wooden boards correctly so that subsequent rows come out straight.

* When you lay down the subsequent rows of hardwood boards, it is necessary to hammer the rows correctly so that there is a tight fit. Each of the boards must be laid down in a perpendicular manner and the process must be done accurately so that no gaps are visible.

* As you reach the last row, you would need the use of a pry and block bar for the purpose of locking them securely. When you install hardwood floors over large area, you need to make use of a heavy nails on each edge at the end of the third floor.

* In end row area, you will find it hard to install more planks and here using ring-shank nails are a good option.

Once you have done the installation fully, you need to check for flaws in the floor. If you find gaps in the flooring, try to push the hardwood using a pry bar. In case there are still some gaps in between the flooring using decorative borders can help to cover them up.

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Spotlight on Some of Dubai’s Interior Design Companies

The profession that transforms interior space into a new and functionally appropriate venue for clients is interior design. Therefore, interior designers spearhead or manage these interior design transformative projects. Interior designers must be multifaceted artisans the following job duties: concept planning and development, project management, design and execution, and liaising with stakeholders.

Interior Designer Versus Interior Decorator

Laypersons frequent use the professional titles interior designer and interior decorator synonymously but this is a mistake. These are distinct professions requiring explanation for clear understanding. Interior designers possess a different skillet, level of education and frequently hold professional accreditation indicating their title. In addition, interior designers focus more on how the planning and functionality affect the space. Also, designers have professional training and understanding interior space aspects such as temperature, acoustics and lighting.

Although, Interior design companies in Dubai frequently work in tandem with architects; designers must have stamped approval from an architect before they can modify the structural supports of a structure. Finally, interior designers typically specialize in one of three primary areas of space transformation. The three are residential, commercial and other, The ‘other’ area includes museums and exhibition design, theatre and performance design, Production design for film and television, healthcare and educational institutions.

Interior Designer Companies–Residential

For the purposes of organization, many of the Interior design companies in Dubai accept projects beyond the group where they appear in this article. Symmetrical grouping coupled with the overall impression from the company’s website were decisive forces used to place design companies. The companies whose residential portfolio shimmers are Jadis Interiors and Elemento Jade Interiors

The following quote informs Jadis Interiors’ aesthetic philosophy, “Nothing is truly elegant…but [that] [which] unites use with beauty.” Philosophically speaking, the principal idea of this quote is artful. The quote expressed another way is: the only way that a given thing can be elegant, is if, the way that thing’s function melds effortlessly with its inherent beauty. A quick scan confirms that this interior design company profoundly understands this quote. Beyond understanding, Jadis Interiors makes this complex and abstract philosophy tangible and fully materializes in their work. This company specializes in the following areas. Antiques, Contemporary, Classic, Moroccan Fusion, Residential. Outdoor Living, Hospitality, Warehouse, Accessories Fabrics, Lights wan Wallpaper.


Defining interior decoration as the art of creating attractive and functional space that melds into the pre-existing architecture is Element’s driving philosophy. Their philosophical mission builds on the next four vectors: Dream (the genesis of the creative process), Think (synthesis and integration of the multi-dimensional collective), Design (the transitional phase linking theory with the product) and Create (the culmination of the project). Their portfolio proudly proclaims this philosophical foundation. Their spaces are clean, spacious, open, and clear. Elemento’s other areas include turnkey solutions, retail, office spaces, furnishing and decorations.

Interior Designer Companies–Commercial

CLSE–Interior Architect Consultancy

Stemming on the client’s personal style, CLSE’s mission is enhancing the customer’s property through innovative layout and increasing the functionality of the space. CLSE portfolio is a reflection of their philosophical thrust. That foundational mission is to ensure the customer’s personality reflects in the final product. Though each exemplar in their portfolio is on the surface discrete from the collection, a deeper examination of each exemplar and the secondary mission statements emerge linking each exemplar to the others. Just simple can be beautiful. This interior design company’s opus embodies this concept. Other areas include residential, hospitality, villas, shops, restaurants, clubs, spas, bars, offices, hotels, hospitals, and exhibition stands.

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Give Youself Some Pavers, Do-it-yourself


There are several solutions to design and style or remake patios. Amongst them is creating the complete approach cost-effective but elegant. The key to doing this really is getting a fantastic partner which will build you your dream outdoor area.  Obviously, there are several stone pavers inside your spot that you can hire to get a low cost, but there are actually professional patio pavers who can work out your designs. They’re able to enable you to do the most complicated a part of the job and you can carry out the rest of the approach.

The point is that despite the fact that your price range could be small, it should not in any way limit your style. There are several methods you can actually initiate a low-cost undertaking. One of the most necessary factor is possessing a fantastic plan to start with. The remainder will probably be very easy provided that you are not afraid to get down and dirty.

The initial and also the simplest, as mentioned above, is to repave the surface area of the meant outdoor space. You can redo the complete surface area inexpensively by doing it oneself and could just cost you much less than a hundred dollars.

You can get some bags of fast setting cement and a couple of cubic meters of coarse sand. To save on ordering specific stones that you can use to cover up the surface area, you could use cement stains that’ll give the cement a way more elegant finish.  Do not worry if you are not an actualized mason. The rough treatment that you do will solely give the completed surface area improved texture and appeal.

As an alternative, you possibly can hire a couple of hands to help you together with the repavement. This can set you back several money however it will quicken up the process, which could in fact translate into some savings in the long run.

You can add a handful of standing structures to make the spot way more inviting and favorable to leisure. Create an awning or pergola to give the place with some shaded locations. These components also impart a certain enjoyable ambiance that hints of rest and space.  You can use refurbish wood, plastic and PVC pipes, wrought iron, vinyl, or any materials that you can save from the junk store. There are several components there that, provided with a little care and creativeness, will make your patio jump out. 

Do not overdo the furnishings. You need to create space and you do not desire to clutter your patio with unnecessary structures and decors. Installations should not hinder movement inside the spot.

One necessary aspect in patio style is making use of essentially the most effective lighting systems. Try out making use of energy-efficient products. If probable install solar-powered gadgets which will turn on by itself at night and runs on normal rechargeable batteries. One of the most frequent solar-based products you are able to use for the area would be the path lights, which you may just plant on the ground.

Position the lights around the trees carefully and sparingly in order not to make it seem like a Holiday tree. You can also pin lights on the roof, the ceiling, and also the exterior partitions of the home.

Cost-wise, there are actually a hundred solutions to assemble a patio. There are several patio pavers which will give you information. Talk to them and find out how much you can actually save should you do not plan to hire expert pavers.

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Ceramic Floor Tiles- Some Important Installation Steps!

With a large number of tiles available in the market these days, individuals have divergent options in front of them to pick from. They can opt for any of their favorite tiles in order to carry out the decoration task of their homes. Out of different tiles existing in the market, Ceramic floor tiles are regarded as one of the best choice for homes. This is because of its easy-to-install feature. In order to install these tiles, a person needs not to hire a professional company. This can be done easily. This article will throw light on some of the necessary steps that one needs to follow in order to install ceramic floor tiles at his or her home. Installing ceramic floor tile is a step-by-step procedure and is extremely simple. The tiles can be installed in a number of areas including kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers.

Necessary tools for installation

First and the foremost step which one needs to follow is the collection of all necessary tool and equipments for installation. Some of the important tools required for this purpose include Plastic 5 gallon buckets, Tile saw, Nippers, Notched trowel, Margin trowel, Cutter board, Hammer, Screwdriver, Spacers, Tape measure, Chalk line, Pencil, Tri square, Level, Tile sponge etc. Always make sure that the tolls used should be well-test and highly advanced in nature as this helps in executing safe and high quality installation work.

Floor Lay Out

After selection of necessary tools, one needs to find the center of the room. Measurement of the width and length of the room should be done in order to determine the center. The look of the floor must be appealing. Cut tile only on one side depending on the room and the situation. As per you plan, you need to lay tiles on the dry floor. Dry setting of tiles helps in visualizing the look of finished floor before applying adhesives.


Thin-set is a mortar mix designed for the purpose of ceramic floor tiles installation. It is of different brands and types, colors and is used for different applications. One can also avail ready-mixed thin-set. This mixture is mainly used for carrying out the installation task easily and quickly. These are some of the major steps that are required for carrying out installation task in a better and professional way. By taking care of all these points, one can expect better results in terms of installation.

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