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Do It Yourself Air Conditioner Repair

Before you call a heating and cooling technician to take a look at your unit, there are a few simple repairs you can try yourself. This is especially handy if your a/c conks out on a Sunday morning. These simple repairs are also a good part of your annual maintenance plan. With regular cleaning, dust, dirt, and debris can clog your cooling fins, your coolant level can become low, and your blower may get dusty and dirty. While you can handle most of these maintenance and repair tasks in about an hour, only a professional Phenix City, AL heating and cooling professional can check your coolant levels.

The first piece of your cooling unit you want to check is the condenser. Begin by turning off the power, either on the unit itself or the main power switch for your home. Locate the condenser fins, which are small metal blades located around the unit. These fins accumulate dust, dirt, leaves, grass and pollen, which blocks the air flow into your home. If the airflow is blocked, your unit has to work harder to cool the home, using more power, which costs you more money.  Vacuum the fins with your household vacuum cleaner. You may want to use an attachment to reach some of the fins. You can then remove any remain debris with a soft brush. If you have are bent, you can gently straighten them back into shape with a butter knife.

Once the outside of you condenser is clean, unscrew the fan to gain access to the inside of the unit. Vacuum the inside of the unit, if you can reach. You may find that mice and other small animals like to winter in there, so be prepared for any animal debris. Use a hose to rinse of the fins and then check the motor to make sure it is properly lubricated. Add five drops of electric motor oil and then replace the fan.

Head inside your home and replace your dirty air filter and remove any particles and debris in the grill of this unit. You can use a vacuum or a soft cloth or brush to scrap away caked on dirt and dust.  Now you are ready to see if your maintenance and repairs worked.

Turn the power back on, and set the thermostat to cool, and select a lower than normal temperature. After about fifteen minutes, check the insulated tube- it should be cool. If it’s cool, you’ve fixed your problem and increased the energy efficiency of your unit. If you need a professional to take a look, there a number of HVAC specialists in and around Phenix AL. You will pay for both parts and labor if you need some professional help.

If you prefer to have a professional come out and complete a full diagnostic of your heating and air unit, be sure to make you appointment right around spring break or the beginning of the summer. Heating and air units in Phenix City, AL get a lot of use once the first heat wave heats, so make sure yours is running well before the temperature starts to rise.

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Do It Yourself Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning repair can cost a lot if you don’t find yourself a reasonable contractor. And sometimes, they can even disrupt you from earning money because technicians often do house calls on your work hour. In spite of this though, homeowners should not forego the opportunity to acquire maintenance services, especially this summer. After all, they wouldn’t want their system to crash in the middle of the day because of some unchecked mechanical problem. Moreover, inspection could also help you minimize the risk of AC fires as well as excessive electrical consumption. Now, if you are eager to make sure your air conditioners are working properly but are not too eager to spend, here are some tips on how you can correct certain AC glitches on your own.


When the air conditioner is not taking out as much warm air as it should or if there is a foul odor released from your unit, you might be having some filter issues. If such is the case, then there’s no need to consult a specialist. You can just open the AC unit yourself from the inside of your house and change or clean the filter so it does not block air circulation. It’s expected for the filter to accumulate dust after prolonged use. So it would be best to check on the filter every month to avoid freezing up the condenser fins.


If the air conditioner’s performance does not improve, might as well proceed with clearing up the condenser from debris since any residue could potentially promote clogging and keep the AC from doing its job. You should also check your refrigerant containers since its depletion can also cause a decline in function. Afterwards, you ought to investigate the condition of the outside fan considering that it is responsible for getting rid of warm air. If there are leaves or dirt blocking it, the unit may not be able to cool down the room as well as it should.


If you notice that the air conditioner does not respond efficiently to temperature changes, check out the thermostat if it is still functioning. Because it’s highly likely that the AC is still working but the temperature gauge isn’t. What you could do to correct this setback is to, again, clean the sensor with a soft, clean brush, and then align it with the evaporator coil.


Now, if you perceive that your air conditioner is leaking, it is possible that the coils have some blockage or holes. To preclude overworking your unit and condoning further water damage and the growth of molds, you should open up your unit and check through the tubes. You could blow through it to get dirt out or check for air pockets. And if there is actual damage, you could replace the tube with another to preserve optimum function.


As you can see, air conditioning repair is something you can do on your own. If you are not as confident, there are more elaborate tutorial write ups and videos you can refer to for better results. However, if you have done all of the above and still are not able to improve your AC’s status, might as well call in specialists to solve the problem.


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DIY Xbox Repair

Once, in living memory, most technology was not particularly reliable and many items broke down on a fairly regular basis. Even relatively low tech Items like a pop up toaster used to have to get its elements either replaced or rewired every so often. Light bulbs were all incandescent and used to burn out every few 100 hours. (There were some places where on could buy light bulbs rated for a slightly higher voltage so the light was marginally dimmer but they used to burn for thousands of hours instead).

Within every town and suburb there was some little guy who owned a general repair shop. He would undertake repairs for all sorts of appliances, from Vacuum cleaners needing belts replaced or motors rewound, to refrigerators and washing machines.

Hi Fi equipment, TVs and Video recording units were likewise expensive to begin with and when they had a failure you had to find someone to repair it. These repair technicians were somewhat more specialised but nevertheless existed and serviced a niche in the market.

However over the last 20 years things have changed considerably. For a start electronics has improved hugely. Thus many electronically controlled items are designed and built to last. And last they do. Electronic components are usually soldered onto a printed circuit board and nothing is really serviceable.

The other point is that many appliances are now no longer particularly expensive. One no longer would even think about repairing a toaster or a kettle. Vacuum cleaners tend not to break but when they go faulty purchasing a new unit is no longer a budget breaking expense.

If the control unit of an appliance becomes faulty the chances are, if a repairman will undertake to even look at it, he will rip out and replace the circuit board without any attempt to trace its fault.

In the days when computer monitors were still cathode ray tubes the technician would explain that you could purchase a new one for little more than he would charge to even open a faulty one. Nowadays with electronic circuit boards and LCD and even LCD screens there definitely no service parts so if you have one go faulty on you, and it is out of your service warranty period there is almost nothing for it but to purchase a replacement.

Imagine therefore the chagrin of the Xbox 360 owner when failures started to occur soon after launch. Many of these faults were minor software errors which were corrected by upgrades but other became more serious.

The LED lights on the on/off switch normally glow green when everything is functioning as it should.

If one of these LEDs started showing red then an error has occurred. These were usually minor and could be reset by switching the unit off and on again. But one in particular got the name ‘The red ring of death’

The commonest cause is over-heating and it could be reset by switching off and letting it cool in a well ventilated place for an hour. If not, and it is out of guarantee there are Xbox repair instructions on line.

If your Xbox 360 has a red ring of death then DIY Xbox repair may help you repair it.

Windows Repair – Do It Yourself

More than constructing a dream home, the real task begins when it comes to periodic maintenance. One of the important aspects in any building that adds an important aesthetic value to it is the Windows. Windows need periodic maintenance in terms of lubrication the joints as well as cleaning the glass and painting the frames. Due to constant exposure to heat and rain and other factors like dust, etc., Windows are vulnerable to repair or damage.

The glasses used in Windows are brittle by nature. So, a small scratch in the glass can get magnified to a crack and ultimately damage the complete glass frame. There are numerous simple ways to fix a scratched glass. But, you cannot expect the window to retain its original characteristics or appearance. There is every possibility of the glass having a rainbow effect on it. In some rare cases, a little application of pressure on the glass even as you to try to open or close the window might shatter the glass. Horrible thing to happen, huh?

Here is a very simple technique to make the scratch invisible on glass windows:

– First and foremost, safety first. So, ensure that you have your gloves on to avoid any injuries.

– Clean the glass thoroughly and wipe it dry with a cotton napkin.

– Apply either toothpaste or some cream along the area of the glass which has been scratched

– Scrape off the excess and when you do this, ensure that you do it unidirectional. To and fro scraping might only worsen the situation by aggravating the damage to the glass

– Once the paste or the cream has dried off, buff your cloth clean to have a glossy look.

If the scratch is not a very visible mark, try buffing your Kansas City Windows with a little furniture polish.

Just be careful to avoid jagged materials – like newspaper – during cleaning. Your best bet is always a soft, dry cloth.

Prevention is better than cure!!

Here are few tips on how to avoid the scratches on the glass windows even before it can occur:

– Try to avoid paper or a rough cloth to clean the window

– The dust accumulated on the glass surface can be abrasive in nature too. So, rinse or hose the glass off before wiping it down

The above mentioned tips and solutions are only for minor scratches on your glass replacement windows Kansas City. These days, several kits are available in the market to remove scratches from windows. But watch out for the price tag. Sometimes, they can be quite expensive, and without the professional guidance, you may not be able to use them to your advantage.

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Clean Clean Clean Furnace Repair

We are a trustful company in Randolph MA specialized in furnace repair. This includes chimney cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, tuning-up and repairing furnaces and inspecting all this kind of systems by trying to find the best solution to your problem. We provide free chimney inspection, this meaning that we take our responsability in inspecting for carbon monoxide hazards. Our motto is Be there so not to be cold.

Our service is timeless

We provide on-time repairs, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, installation and maintenance, for the best warranties, lowest costs and same as cash financing. The problems we are solving are these: furnace gas leak, pilot gas going out, furnace not heating enough, furnace not heating at all, furnace flame not igniting, furnace cycles on & off too often, blower motor runing but doesn’t blow air, blower not stopping, air handle squeals, furnace cabinet rattles, noisy air ducts.

We offer you the best solution in periodic furnace maintenance by giving the best prices and the best technical solutions. We are willing to provide a pleasant environment for you to live and feel warm. So that’s why our suggestion is that you should always keep in mind a preventive periodic maintenance so there won’t be a problem in the cold winter. Take advantage of the warm season and perform a quick check-up of your furnace system. You might be facing some technical surprises!

Experience, experts

Our company is willing to examine your entire furnace system. We have experienced technicians doing their jobs with passion and respect, trained to offer you the best solutions on every related issue you have.

Here are some of the important issues we are prepared to stand up for your help: peak performance of the operating furnace, efficiency of the energy of your furnace, easy-to-clean filters for having a special furnace.

With our company line and experience you can manage a very close confort with our line of furnices. There is no need to worry about warranties because we have it all resolved and all for you to save as much as you can from the repairings and to be satisfied with our workers and with the repaired furnace.

Special prices

Our company is in the working area for some years so we are familiar with all the marketing issues about billing. We are offering special furnace service and maintenance plans, depending on the kind of problem your are facing or on the kind of furnace you are willing to buy. Also, our billing and payment methods and terms are very well established from the beginning, depending on the difficulty of the reparation. All we can say is that we are willing to offer you the best and the lowest prices for any kind of repairing. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a serious problem with your furnace. We are here to clean when you need it.

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