New automotive electronics industry development

Moderator: Thank you, Deputy Director Liu also very grateful to the reporter friends today very active in the questions, an opportunity to ask questions, one last chance. I do not know we Guoyuan Shi no want to learn to ask the last question to take advantage of.

Question: Good afternoon, I was from the Friends of the car magazine, there is a problem would like to ask Guo Yuanshi, as one of the chief scientist of the mobile Internet design center for the National Automobile, can you talk about the establishment of the center, the development of the practical significance of the Chinese car networking

Hui Guo: car networking, now is a new automotive electronics industry, the center focused on the many many scientists, and the corporate sector a good combination. So very important in the development of automotive electronics field, together with public relations, to catch up with foreign advanced level, we have a lot of things behind, say these things like the APS, we do go by many of its patent intellectual property restrictions, we want this car networking navigation abroad is also just emerging, our joint public relations with the occupation of the higher areas, we have to establish their own, we engage in our own chips, the future for to get rid of these control, very meaningful. After the person is not willing to, we have to the forefront to make the Chinese car, Chinese automotive technology with foreign countries, at least, can go hand in hand, I feel that not every Chinese people want to see.

The establishment of our car networking center is a large thing, I want this center to run in support of the country, the joint efforts of our various enterprises can make this one, can contribute to our automotive industry to change the backward situation in the past, I think this is our Chinese people, especially technical people desire.

Moderator: Thank you, Thank you, Guoyuan Shi is very grateful to the presence of all the media were eager to question, patiently answered very grateful to the five experts, give them applause, thank our five experts, the back seat!

You live leadership, distinguished guests and media friends, this time we have today Lu Chang Beidou satellite navigation product launch, the time is almost the same, once again thank you all soon, bye!

Hui Guo: We all know that we now our country automobile production and sales terms, is now first in the world. But in terms of our automotive technical and international automotive powerhouse, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good well as distance. The gap now appears that the gap between automotive electronics is a very important part of automotive technology gap is still a big gap in automotive electronics.

    I consider the development of information fusion axis vehicle LBS should have, and may also be able to greatly enhance our car navigation is very important to the future should be valuable.

As I participate in the Big Dipper 12 years old comrades to participate in the old comrades of the Big Dipper, sitting the Guoyuan Shi next to the young man was very grateful to Lu Chang, along with the Beidou forwardFree Web Content, thank you!

Remodeling Homes For Senior Citizens


You can never put a stop on age because no matter what life goes on and everyone grow old, when homeowners get older, decent remodeling design might be the decisive factor between the choice of being able to live independently in their own vicinityor having to move to some senior citizens living facility. In the past houses were designed without considering the needs of seniors members of the family. Now almost everyone is reconsidering at the manner their homes are designed and realizing the fact that how inappropriate these designs are for this significantly growingshare of the population. Only if you are planning to move to a new house soon, you too should take a look at your house’s design and inspecting ways for how to make it safer and more favorable for long term living habit. So to get yourself on the right track, start thinking about this modification. Every time you consider making a modification, change, or replacement to anythingin your home, look at thisopportunity as achance to make your home be your partner in your mission for a long term independence and individuality. Let’s say that if you face an issue that your front walkway is beginning to break up and you are thinking ofsubstituting it, well then go a step further with your planning. Think about the fact that if some of these or all of these steps can be eliminated. Many houses have beautiful curving and coiled walkwaysthose winds from the garage to the front porch. There it dismisses at a couple of steps or more. What if you were in the capacity to re- build the steps to meet your need for long term independence? In mostof the cases a mild slope in the walkway will completelyremoveyour need for steps.This new feature would not really cost you a fortune it can easily be done as a part of routine replacements and improvements. The new walkway defiantly would provide you a solution for a long term need. You would feel like it was meant to be this way all along, these slopes also help you with wheel chairs which people do not project to use initially but may have to use in old age. If you want a decent set of stairs then the most important thing is a strong railing. Most of the original builder railings are nothing more than decorations. So if you are considering a long term relation with your house consider changing your delicate railings into strong ones. Before you make this change consider the facts like is it easy to grip, is it extended enough so that you may get a firm grasp on it before taking the first step, If incase you were to fall and hold it for support, would it be able to hold your body’s full weight etc. In many homes, because of short flights of steps railings maybe ignored completely.

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How to Clean your Split Air Conditioner like a Pro- Save Time And Money


Cleaning Mini Split Air Conditioners is not as daunting a task as most people perceive it to be. 90% of the Fan Coil Unit (FCU), the one where cold air comes out of, is waterproof. Only 10%, usually to the right of the unit contains all the electrical components and electric motor. This area is well protected from the rest of the blower since it is inherent that condensation will form along the inside of the coils throughout the entire length of the fan coil. List of Items needed- A safe and strong chemical Detergent (Note: Do not use industrial cleaners. They can damage your cooling fins or rotor blades or even corrode other parts of your fan coil unit. ) – A Wash Bag – A Gardening Compress Air Sprayer- Maybe a philips screw driver if your air conditioner is extremely clogged with dirt  What you would need is a very good chemical cleaning solution that is custom designed to lift the sticky dirt and grime from the fan coil fin surfaces and the cylindrical fan blade. The right chemical cleaner is so important for this method to work well since the chemical cleaner has to be strong enough to lift the sticky dirt from the cooling fins all the way into across the entire thickness of the coil which can be more than an inch thick across its cross-section.  Contrary to what most people believe, it is perfectly safe to wash the FCU directly on the wall. No dismantling should be necessary if you have the right equipment to do this. All you need is 3 steps to clean your split air conditioner. Remove all the front cover and filters before you start. Wash the filters separately in the toilet or sink. 1. Wear the Wash Bag around the air conditioner fan coil unit.2. Spray the chemical cleaner onto the coils and the fan rotor. Use a flash light if you have difficulty locating the fan blade. Just look into the passage where the air usually flows out. Make sure to get the spray all around the rotor blade.3. Wait a while for the chemical to soak in. Then rinse the fan coil and the rotor blade thoroughly with fresh water until clean using the pressure sprayer jet to loosen all the dirt. Remove the wash bag and dispose off the waste water in the toilet bowl. Note: You may want to turn on the air conditioner before removing the bag to allow the excess water on the rotor blade to be spinned off into the bag. Wipe dry and replace the filters and cover. Done! Since this is so easy, I now clean each air conditioner every 3 months and enjoy the fresh clean cool air without paying the hefty service prices or spending huge amount of time servicing them.I hope this will help you safe a lot of money and time. It sure helped me! I advise you to watch the video to get a clearer idea of exactly how simple this process is. Enjoy.

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James developed a method of cleaning split air conditioners achieving professional results but so easy anyone could do it. This method contradicts what conventional service maintenance personal practices. Watch this video to see how he did it. 

The Importance of Living in a Clean Home

Most of us enjoy having a clean home and some of us may even enjoy cleaning the home on a regular basis. Not only can cleaning the home make you feel comfortable when living in it, it also has health benefits that should be considered as well. After all, much of the problems that occur as a result of a dirty home are unable to be seen with the naked eye so it is not only important for you to clean the home visibly, it’s important for you to keep it clean on an unseen level as well.

If you enjoy cleaning your home, it’s important to make sure that you are outfitted properly to perform the task safely. That includes having all of the necessary safety items, such as latex gloves and a mask which will allow you to clean the home with chemicals that could irritate your skin or breathing. Of course, not all of us are going to be able to clean the house 24 hours a day so we are going to need to fit it in, when it is convenient to do so. It is also going to be necessary for you to do carpet cleaning from time to time. The carpet cleaning can typically be done along with the spring cleaning and you can hire a company that also offers water damage restoration services in your area.

One convenient time for you to be able to clean the home is as you are cooking. You do need to use a little bit of common sense when doing so, however, because you would not want to introduce any of your cleaning chemicals into your food. Take a little bit of time to straighten up the area as you are cooking and you can even extend it into other rooms, if it is safe for you to be away from the stove. This can also help you to avoid some of the common issues that people have when they cook at home, such as dishes piling up in the sinks. When you clean a little bit as you are cooking, it helps to keep those issues at a minimum.

Much of the home cleaning that is done is going to be routine maintenance but at times, you may need to hire a service to do carpet cleaning in San Francisco or carpet cleaning in San Jose. Many of these companies are also able to handle water damage repairs, which can come in handy if you have such an issue in the home. Cleaning the carpet is going to benefit your health and it has been proven that when carpets are cleaned regularly, children miss fewer days of school during the year. This is seen when the carpets are cleaned in the schools and it is also seen when they are cleaned in homes. You can either make cleaning the carpets a priority during your spring cleaning or you can do it twice in the year. You will remove much of the unseen bacteria that can make you sick and it will also help those with allergiesFeature Articles, as it is able to get rid of the allergens that are stuck in the carpeting.

Car Care Tips: Clean Car Seats

Maintaining your car seats clean will not only keep your car looking nice, it can help hold its resale value. The type of seats you have will determine the cleaning method you should use. With some basic products and some time, you’ll have your seats looking as clean as the day you drove the car off the lot.

Begin by giving your seats a quick vacuum, or carefully wipe with the dry cleaning brush to remove any bits and also give the fabric a bit quick refreshing.

Mix together the cleaning solution to use on your seats. Dish soap is so gentle, lifting grease stains while refreshing the fabric, and washing soda is also a cleaning booster that leaves your seats happy. And both are safe to use on fabrics. Add the hot water, and give it a quick whisk.

Carefully dip the cleaning brush in the mixture, and then work over car seats in a circular motion. You’re not looking to soak the fabric – just slightly dampen it to lift any stains. This also helps to remove any pilling from the upholstery.

Wipe the car seat with a towel, and keep on working until all seats have been cleaned. Lower the windows, and let air dry.

Finish by giving your car another vacuuming using the hose attachmentHealth Fitness Articles, and then spritz with linen spray. You’ll love your wonderfully smelling vehicle!

Professional Cleaning Services Advantages: Why Utilize A Cleaning Service Company


One of the factors that can make or break the success of your company is this: cleanliness. Yes, a clean office is important if you want to succeed – whether you have a hotel, own a restaurant, etc. To ensure that your business site is spic and span, consider contracting a cleaning service company that offers none other than professional cleaning services e.g. commercial carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and the likes.True, you can hire a couple of employees to do the cleaning for you, but, that would be more costly as you have to pay for some benefits e.g. leave benefits, health benefits, etc. To save on cost and to ensure at the same time that the office will be cleaned well, consider this solution: leave it to a contractor that specializes in office cleaning jobs.Some business owners may think that they can just do the cleaning themselves once or twice a week after office hours. That can work at first when you only have a few customers or a few transactions for your biz, but, as the business grows, you’ll find less time to clean by yourself. With the utilization of professional cleaning services, however, you’ll never worry about office cleanliness and you’ll get to spend your time doing more important things: generating new marketing ideas for your company; spending time with your family; meeting up with clients; and many more.Another advantage of having a cleaning service company to do the cleaning work for you is this: cleaning is done in less time compared to when you’re doing it yourself, or when some of your employees do the tidying up. People who offer commercial carpet cleaning and companies that supply cleaners that respond to office cleaning jobs requirements also do the tasks better, not only because of their experience, but also because they have complete tools and equipment for cleaning.Imagine this too: if you buy the tools/equipment yourself, you’ll have to shell out a lot of dollars, even if you clean the office with your own hands. In other words, you’ll still be able to save more if you rely on people who offer professional cleaning services as they have their own supplies, equipment, and tools, plus, they charge per hour and are able to finish cleaning in a lesser amount of time.A cleaning service company can help you have a better business. After all, customers want to transact with a biz that does not only have good products or services, but also has a sparkling clean office. Besides, if your biz site is really messy, you can get sued for having a hazardous office that can cause diseases and illnesses among you and your employees. To avoid this hassle, better request for commercial carpet cleaning services, janitorial services, and so on. If you really want to have a clean business site, healthy employees, more customers, etc, better take advantage of professional cleaning services or individuals or companies that are more than happy to fulfill office cleaning jobs.

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Karen Winton is knowledgeable about various types of businesses. For the basics of starting a cleaning business, check out: Suze&Ev Method. Want your own commercial cleaning biz? Read: Clean Up The Profits.

Consider How Your Maid Service Handles the Hiring Process


If you are considering hiring a maid service to clean your home, you should pay particular attention to how trustworthy the employees are. After all, they have to enter your home, possibly when you are not there, so you need to know they will not attempt to steal or pretend they cleaned when they didn’t. Consider some of the ways you can ensure that the people coming into your home can be trusted.One way that a company tends to screen employees is through required drug tests. Obviously, having maids show up on drugs or drunk can be quite unhelpful. Not only will most of the chores probably not get done, but the maids could end up behaving differently than they would sober. At the very least, they may end up breaking something or not cleaning very thoroughly. Of course, they could also not show up at all due to sleeping through the appointment or completely forgetting about it. It should be obvious by now why drug screening is usually a good thing, so you should make sure the maid service you choose uses this tool.You should also find out if background checks are conducted. You do not want to find out that the people in your home have a record on file for stealing expensive items or assaulting people. Even a record of breaking other types of laws may be a clue that your house may not be in good hands. Doing illegal activities in general may show that employees do not follow the rules, and tend to act on impulse, which are qualities that are not good for guests in your house. This is true whether you are home or not during the services.Of course, you should make sure the maid service you choose ensures that employees are well trained. While few maids go to school for this career, and many come into the job without much experience, many companies spend hours properly training their workers. Make sure the business you choose practices this kind of care after hiring people. You need maids who are not only trustworthy and reliable, but also good at their job.You can easily find out this information when you talk to the maid service you are considering. Most employers are more than willing to let you know these facts, provided they exercise care when hiring workers. This will help you narrow down the company to use to clean your house, allowing you to get the best results possible and the most for your money.

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Old muscle cars for sale: Enjoy fun loving drive

When your sentiments are involved with your car, whether it is old or new, it would always be precious for you. Today purchasing car is something many people can do as there are the financial system has grown considerably. It becomes easy to get car loan or make any other arrangement for money. But there was time when purchasing car was luxurious activity and there might be involvement of many emotions. If you are the one owing any such old car then do not consider it as scrap. Make worthwhile use of old car which is occupying your garage space.

It is an art to make some good things out of nothing. Now if you are techno freak person and have good technical knowledge then definitely you can do something great for your old car. Also if required you can take some professional help to make worthwhile use of old cars. Customization of old cars is the suitable option which can be done only if you have sufficient knowledge. See to it that you do not damage the car to such extent that it cannot be repaired further. Take some professional help if required. There are some minor things which you need to take care of while looking for old cars:

After modification of old you can bring it to road or can place in some auction. If your emotions are attached with your car then you would prefer not to sale it but in such case after customization make some effective use of it. If you are not selling customized old car then by making its effective use you can keep it updated otherwise it would again be the same old scrap.

Landscapers Can Help You Design The Perfect Garden


Have you always wanted the perfect lawn or garden but don’t know how to go about achieving it? Professional landscapers can help you plan, design, and create a beautiful as well as functional garden that can benefit you and your entire family, as well as add immediate curb-appeal.They can also help address complex problems such as lack of space, poor soil conditions, and other special needs. Here are three good reasons to consider hiring a landscaper to create a new look for your home.Individual NeedsBefore you start planting that flowerbed, be sure that the leaves are non-poisonous for the sake of Fido. Professional landscapers are experts at incorporating your household’s needs into the greenhouse design so it is not only attractive but functional.This is why hiring a landscaping company is especially beneficial to those with special circumstances such as the need for wheelchair access, pet owners, and families with elderly members or very young children. Landscapers can ensure that your back or front yard is safe and meets any requirements you might have. They can design, build, and install ramps and walkways that are suitable and easily accessible for those with physical disabilities.Plants are carefully chosen so young children don’t stick themselves with thorns and pets (or children) don’t ingest a dangerous substance. Landscapers can also tailor the project for your specific hobbies such as the need for a small basketball court or generous amounts of space for an herb greenhouse.Maximize EnvironmentLandscapers take into account even the smallest details into their residential designs, such as which windows need protection from the sun, how the wind will affect the area, and even the type of soil available.There are many things that must be analyzed in order to maximize the area to create harmony as well as usefulness. Professionals will take some time to study your existing property first to understand how it is affected by sunlight, weather, and current conditions.They can then use this to create the best possible project for your needs. They can also find unique and practical solutions for many problems. Find yourself sweating too much while doing the dishes? Perhaps you need some more shade and a tree placed nearby might be just the thing to cool you down instead of turning up the air conditioner.Create MoodHave you always wanted a tranquil, quiet garden? Or perhaps you are more inspired by water elements and cool colors. Some might even prefer a green garden that they can harvest some fruits, herbs, and vegetables from. Whatever mood you’d like to create, a professional landscaper can help you. They are experts at creating people’s visions while working within the constraints of the physical area. They can also find creative solutions to common problems such as climate and space restrictions. Many companies also often offer specialty services if you need assistance with just one specific task such as creating a pond or unique pathway. So before you get out the spade and bucket try calling a landscaper and see how they might be able to help you.

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Great Tips for How to Build Up Muscle

If you’re serious about wanting to know how to build up muscle, here are some suggestions based upon experience with ways that have worked for many others. It makes no difference whether you are already working out and would like to vary your routine, or you are recently interested in simply building up muscle, the following tips will help you on your way.

Great Tip No. 1. Work each exercise till exhaustion. It’s important that your muscle fibers are worked to the point where they need repair, which builds up the muscle mass. Make sure that you work your muscles to the point where the last rep is so difficult that you require at least a small break before you can do any more. This is how to build up muscle fast.

Great Tip No. 2. Increase your intake of protein. Without protein you will never see any increase in muscle mass. Protein is an essential building block for building and repairing the muscle which has been challenged by the exercise.

Great Tip No. 3. Perform from eight to twelve reps per exercise set. If you do not do enough reps, you’re resting too much and not efficiently building muscle. If you are doing too many reps, it means that the muscles are not being challenged, and more weight is required to build mass. Make sure that you perform no fewer than eight reps and no more than twelve.

Great Tip No. 4. Eat cottage cheese. Yes. Cottage cheese is a miracle food for body builders. It’s low in carbs and fats and it’s filled with needed protein. If you find that the flavor of the natural type is too strange, flavored versions are available, and can be included in many different recipes.

Great Tip No. 5. Use free weights. Sure, you can build muscle using weight machines, but free weights are far more effective for a number of reasons. Free weights require you to provide balance. Machines are stable and offer no balancing challenges. Free weights also give you the opportunity to perform compound movement where you can work more than one muscle group at a time. Those who know how to build up muscle fast, use free weights.

Great Tip No. 6. Eat often! Eating smaller meals more often is a far better practice than the traditional three big meals a day. Eating a small meal every three hours or so will help build muscle more quickly. Bring a lunch big enough for one big meal, and then split it up into two sessions.

If you’ve been working out diligently in your local gym and still don’t look like Mr. Universe, don’t despair. It takes time to learn how to build up muscle efficiently, but if you follow the steps given above, the task will be easierFree Reprint Articles, and you’ll begin to see progress sooner than you think.